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    • Dragon Chain

      Nooo, don't let the little dragons fall into that pit!

    • Dragon World War

      Welcome to the Mystery Land! Here all the dragons are fighting against the airplanes. Your goal is to shoot all the planes and to help the dragons to complete the levels.

    • Billiard

      Billiard flash game. Straight or 8-ball

    • Cross Fire Sniper King

      First person shooting game

    • Bank Car Escort

      Start a new shooting adventure. The city mafia wants to capture the bank money car and your mission is to make sure that this car will safely arrive at bank to deliver money.

    • Stickman Mafia

      The Mafia wants you dead and you won't escape without facing a lot of criminals.

    • Math Pinball 3

      math pinball,just shoot the mathematical formula

    • Bears Counterattack

      The forest is facing enemies! Help the bear shoot all of enemies while protecting the small animals.

    • Veggie Blast

      Hop on the back of the funky elephant, calculate your throwing angle and shoot

    • King of Sniper 2

      Mouse to shoot,Space to use gun sight,R to reload,123 to switch weapons.

    • Lighting Firecrackers

      Chinese New Year is coming! Let's light the firecrackers together to celebrate it!

    • DevilEntrance

      Shoot as many devils as possible with out getting hurt. The score will increase as long as you keep shooting the devils

    • MissionTaliban

      player has to protect the army from the talibans attack by shooting them using the mouse right click.

    • Urban Combat Shooter

      aim shooter game

    • Crazy Jack

      The crazy jack is moving in a boat where one of the see fish stolen his pearl.

    • Sonic shuttle

      player can catch flying special weapons to equip them

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